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In MSM, we offer our customers all elements needed in an aids-to-navigation station; thus, we have a great assortment of accessories that complete the main equipment previously introduced. Day marks, radar reflectors, lampchangers, flashers, LED lamps, IR programmers, photocells, lightning protection systems, surge arrestors, special paints for navaids,… At the same time, those accessories are part of our products as spares; being their availability guaranteed for 10 years after their acquisition.

Besides, we have the programming software of all our equipment available, which we deliver as a courtesy to our customers.

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MSM offers a wide range of days marks for Aids to Navigation made from high-density polyethylene, UV resistant. They are designed to provide a great mechanical stability and a colorimetric appearance stable throughout its service life.

They can be adapted and dimensioned for any type of support structure where the navaids are located, they are available up to 3000 x 1490 mm.

We also provide tricolour machinable plates for numbering and symbols, so that they remain unalterable over the time.

Without need of maintenance, they contribute to save resources and respect the environment.

Designed according to ALA Recommendations.

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  • Solid-body appearance from all observation points.
  • Lightweight, robustness and resistance to marine environment.
  • Highly resistant to UV rays.
  • Easy replacement of any element.
  • Stainless-steel bolts.
  • Colours according to IALA Recommendations.
  • Fitting and dimensioning to all type of structures.
  • Dimensions according to IALA Guideline 1094 “Day Marks for Marine Aids to Navigation”.
  • Possibility of longer visual ranges.
  • Tricolour machinable plates for customized numbering or symbols.
  • Optional specific configurations and colours under request.


A radar reflector is generally installed as an additional device in locations that may also be marked with a light signal; being one of its main functions the detection of targets at a great distance, thus reducing the risk of collision of a vessel.

MSM has several models of radar reflector, indicated for use on buoys or fixed structures, and designed to ensure that their signal is displayed strongly on the vessel radar screens. These models project areas ranging from 8m² to 36m².

They are manufactured by using eight overlapping spiral trihedrons, producing a strong and persistent echo, thus covering 360º. Trihedral radar reflector is best suited for applications in floating aids and in situations where there is considerable difference between the height of the radar reflector and the one from vessels passing through the area.

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  • Trihedral design.
  • Display of aids to navigation on the radar screen to reduce risk of collision.
  • Strong return on radar screens.
  • Improves detection under harsh weather conditions.
  • Effective echo response.
  • Echo equivalent surface (RCS) from 8 to 36 m².
  • 360º coverage.
  • Its design of double trihedral group maximises echo in any orientation and tilt.
  • Structure made from hot-dip galvanised or stainless steel.
  • Polyurethane paint, UV resistant.
  • Fixing to buoy or structure with 4 nos. M10 bolts.
  • Standard fixing to the beacon.

changers MLC 12

Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas, among its range of accessories, offers automatic 3- or 6-position lampchangers. Our changers MLC 12 are highly and worldwide appreciated by our clients for its simplicity, reliability and accuracy in lamp positioning.

Designed to work under harsh marine conditions with high-corrosion level, guaranteeing a correct and nonstop operation of marine aids to navigation.

MLC 12 integrates a rotary mechanism, able to fit up to 6 halogen or marine signal lamps (S-8/S-11), with up to 250W power.

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  • Accurate lamp positioning.
  • Capacity for 3 or 6 halogen or marine signal lamps, with Pr30s prefocused collar.
  • Uses rotary solenoid, more reliable than motors, no gears required.
  • Low contact drop.
  • No light shadowing 52º down from horizontal plane.
  • Colour coded terminals.
  • Cast-aluminium base.
  • Great resistance to marine corrosion.
  • Compatible with a large variety of marine flashing lanterns and rotating beacons.
  • High mechanic and environmental resistance.
  • Can be mounted in any position.
  • Low cost.

solid-state flashers

MSM has a wide range of solid-state flashers available, designed for marine aids-to-navigation applications. They stand out for their simplicity, flexibility and electrical protection.

These flashes include electronic circuits of the latest technology, allowing 256 preprogrammed rhythms, as well as an infinite rhythm selection.

The sunlight detector switches off the flasher during day time, in order to save energy from the battery.

In the case of MF06 and MF12 flashers, LED current output is stabilized to protect their life in service.

In the MF14 flasher, PWM modulation applies a stable and regulated voltage, in order to keep the lamp filament colour temperature.

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  • Microprocessor-based circuit with Flash technology.
  • Infinite rhythm programming.
  • Time accuracy of ±5%.
  • Sunlight circuit sensor.
  • High resistance to shocks and vibrations.
  • Terminals protected against corrosion by gold plating and silicon coating (MF06 and MF12).
  • Advanced solar charge regulation function in 3 phases.
  • Measurement of analogical parameters and alarms for remote monitoring (MF12).
  • Configuration software for PC under Windows environment.
  • Reverse-polarity and short-circuit protections.
  • Terminal screws from stainless steel.


The IR Programmer developed by Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas is an effective tool for the management and control of our beacon operation.

It allows to learn remotely without having to open the beacon all parameters of operating conditions and make a diagnosis of the battery charge status, excellent in the case of self-powered beacons.

Thanks to its powerful infrared LED, the IR Programmer can interact with the beacon from a great distance, making it ideal for lanterns installed on buoys, being able to communicate from a boat without having to climb over the buoy.

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  • Allows to program the beacon without opening it.
  • Total management of the lantern by the client.
  • Easy programming.
  • Infrared range higher than 10 metres.
  • Change of light rhythm.
  • Internal operating battery consisting of 2 nos. AAA dry cells.
  • Battery level testing function. At maximum LED power and according to emitting flashes, we shall learn the battery charge level of our beacon.
  • Compatible with our MBL beacons series and MCL self-powered lanterns.
  • Programming protected by access code.
  • Comfortable and friendly use.
  • Complete user manual is delivered to the client.


Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas has a wide range of photocells available for marine aids to navigation, which can be adapted to many flashing or rotating beacons to control their switching-on.

These devices are photoelectric cells that act as daylight control sensors, allowing the equipment switching to day or night status.

MSM photocells are one more complement to the proper operation of our beacons. They are also compatible with a good number of other beacons in the market.

Thanks to its encapsulation, they are highly resistant to the harshest marine conditions of humidity and salinity.

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  • Wide range of models compatible with a good number of beacons.
  • Sensor by LDR photoresistance or photodiode, depending on the model.
  • Sensor encapsulated in resin for maximum protection.
  • High sensitivity to low lighting levels.
  • Long life.
  • Sensitivity adjustment in lux in MF flashers by PC.


Given the extensive experience of Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas in the field of prevention and protection against lightning, we offer a wide range of lightning arresters, surge protection and prevention products.

As lighthouses and navaids towers are very prone to be hit by lightning, in MSM we have incorporated in our catalogue safe and effective high-quality products that meet national and international regulations in force, thus achieving greater assurance and the best solution for our customers.

We offer elements to intercept a direct lightning strike on the structure, conduct current safely and disperse the discharge through the land or the sea.

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The collection system is intended to intercept the lightning strike to lead to ground. Among the various standardized collection systems we offer Early Streamer Emission (ESE) or Franklin Rod Systems.

Early streamer emission (ESE) lightning rods base their operation on the electrical characteristics of the lightning formation. The ray begins with a downward tracer propagating in any direction. Once approaching to objects located on the ground, either one can be struck. They are mainly characterized by issuing a continuous upward tracer earlier than any other object within its protection radius. The rod should be the controlled impact point of discharge, so as to provide the lightning current a path to ground without damaging the structure.

Collection systems by Franklin rods consist of sharing and dissipating the lightning discharge current by a network of conductors. Sections and materials comply with the provisions of the rules defining such systems.


Complementing lightning protection systems, MSM offers a wide range of equipment to safeguard facilities and their electric equipment of surges that may occur. This product line is characterized by its robustness, compactness, ease of installation and high performance.

The range of products for the protection of marine equipment includes protective equipment for power lines, data networks and communications, photovoltaic systems and coaxial lines.

In addition to the wide range of protection products we offer, MSM offers technical support service to help you select the most suitable protection for each case.

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SURGE PROTECTORS TYPE 1. Test wave 10/350 μs. Surge protectors Type 1 are recommended for installations where there is a high probability of lightning.

SURGE PROTECTORS TYPE 2. Test wave 8/20 μs. Surge protectors Type 2 are installed at the heading of electrical installations and secondary power units. They protect electrical and electronic equipment from transient surges of industrial, atmospheric or manoeuvre origin.

SURGE PROTECTORS TYPE 3. Test wave 8/20 μs – 1.2/50 μs. Surge protectors Type 3 are always installed coordinated with surge protectors Type 2. To be installed at the power supply input of the receiving equipment.

DATA NETWORK AND CONTROL PROTECTORS. TD SERIES Surge protectors for data lines protect electronic equipment in the communication network against any transient surge induced on the data lines. These guards must be installed as close as possible to the equipment to be protected. Protectors for data lines are available for any type of connector: DB9, DB25, RJ45, RJ11, 2-wire, BNC.

COAXIAL CABLE PROTECTORS. CD SERIES Surge protectors for coaxial cables protect electronic equipment associated with the coaxial installation against any transient surge induced on coaxial cables. These guards must be installed as close as possible to the equipment to be protected. Protectors for coaxial cables are available for any type of connector: BNC, F, N, N-Bulkhead, TNC.

PROTECTORS FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC INSTALLATIONS. BF3 SERIES Surge protectors for protection Type 2 are intended for equipment working on direct current, protecting photovoltaic equipment against transient overvoltage of atmospheric or manoeuvre origin. This surge protector is available for voltages of 600V d.c. and 1000V d.c. These models also have the ability to provide a remote alarm (optional).