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MODELS AND TYPES OF Tsunami Detection:

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Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas, aware of the increasing concern on safety and security of human lives, has developed a complete Tsunami Early Detection and Warning System.

This system of advanced technology detects the event, processes and sends the information to a Control Centre with WEB platform.

A pressure sensor deployed in a water depth of up to 7,000 meters detects height variations of the water surface.

This buoy has been especially designed to be deployed in deep waters and hold the complex control and communication systems. The float is made from shock-resistant elastomer.

This buoy complies with all IALA Recommendations and safety Standards.

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  • Reaction time less than 1 minute (detection, processing and warning sending).
  • Able to measure variations of the sea water column of 1 mm.
  • Message structure compatible with the NOAA Tsunami Warning System.
  • Redundant communications via satellite (permanently monitored from the control centre and the buoy CPU).
  • Positioning by GPS.
  • AIS AtoN transponder as an option.
  • Float manufactured with closed-cell polyethylene foam sheet (no water absorption) projected with a layer of coloured polyurethane elastomer.
  • Double solar power system.
  • Marine LED lantern of high vertical divergence, with a luminous range of 5.5 nm.
  • Radar reflector and top mark.
  • Web-based Tsunami Warning Control Centre available.